Dave Sorenson

Dave Sorenson, founder and president of Lean Culture Inc. , has more than 20 years experience successfully implementing lean and six sigma for numerous companies spanning multiple industries. 

In the mid 80s, Dave worked directly with Dr. Richard Schonberger on JIT projects with Tennant Company - a Minneapolis based manufacturer.   During Dave's career at Tennant he was also able to support Phil Crosby as he helped the organization create a culture of continuous improvement through his Zero Defects quality philosophy.  

As a Focused Factory Manager for Donaldson Company , he was able to couple his lean expertise with the implementation methodology of kaizen and led his first kaizen blitz in 1992.   Since then he has facilitated more than 200 successful events.

Through his leadership as GM / Director of Operations at Nortel Networks in Nashville, the organization implemented lean changes that slashed lead times by 75%.   This reduced inventory levels, improved product quality, increased customer satisfaction and resulted in recognition as a finalist for America's Best Plant Award from Industry Week magazine.

Dave became the Senior Director of Continuous Improvement for St. Jude Medical, and over the next several years initiated improvement activities that resulted in dramatic bottom-line results.   During this time, St. Jude was able to hold manufacturing spending level while increasing output by more than 25% each year.

He has led successful lean transformations in automotive supply, telecom, contract electronics manufacturing, multiple process industries, retail operations, and in the medical device industry.   Dave has presented at national and local conferences on Lean and LeanSigma applications in the medical device industry and the "people-side of lean" at leadership workshops. 

He holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and has completed several graduate courses in Manufacturing Systems Engineering.   He is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence ( CMQ/OE ) and a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality ( ASQ ).

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