What good is lean without addressing the culture?

Lean is the single most powerful business improvement methodology available!
  • Faster, more comprehensive and more sustainable than Six Sigma
  • Superior ROI when compared to those technology-based “solutions”
  • Lean dramatically improves your organization’s performance in all dimensions – quality, cost, customer satisfaction, safety and morale
  • And it is applicable to all situations – any department, any process, any size company

From our experience this is indeed what can be realized from Lean Thinking correctly applied.

If this is the case, why isn’t everybody jumping on the bandwagon, “becoming lean” and enjoying the success that Toyota and a few other committed companies have experienced? The answer is: most companies that embark on their lean transformation journey see only the superficial concepts of lean and then install a “lean toolkit”. Most will develop an elaborate implementation strategy; bring in trainers or consultants to introduce the tools, and then apply the necessary resources to achieve apparent improvement.

But this approach does not produce lasting benefits. And an estimated 90 – 95% of those well-intended organizations are destined for failure! How can you make sure you are not part of the majority of those that take their first step on a lean journey to nowhere?


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