An organization with a Lean Culture will create the "ideal-state" for their business, comprised of waste-free (perfect) processes.   They will identify value from the customer's perspective, create a continuous flow of materials or information, and satisfy demand through pull signals.   Their target is perfection and they consistently and constantly challenge their employees to strive for this ideal.

What can Lean Culture do for you?
  • We will help you discover the power of Lean Thinking and show you how to effectively implement sustainable improvements
  • You will learn how to unlock the Underutilized Creativity of your employees -the eighth form of waste.   (Remember, your employees are the only appreciating asset, and you need to invest in them)
  • We work closely with Executive Leadership, Middle Management, Change Champions, and especially the Subject Matter Experts to ensure success
  • Our "Teach - Do" process assures learning and maximizes results - this is how adults learn best!

If you want continuous, continuous improvement to be "in the DNA" of your organization contact us.


  LCI Approach
It starts with the organization's top leaders understanding (and embracing) what it takes to lead in today's competitive, global marketplace.   Lean leaders create an inspiring vision for the future and then do the "right things" to make sure it's achieved.   This cannot be delegated!   learn more >>

  Clients and Industries
LCI has served a variety of organizations spanning many industries.   Lean really is appropriate for any organization that wants to be better than the rest! read more »

There are a lot of good information sources accessible today.   For those interested in learning more through books or relevant and well-written articles we recommend the following.
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