Great leaders are born out of critical decisions!

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

  • Are you committed to lead your organization to become a lean enterprise or is your company only going through the motions as a "lean dabbler"?  
  • Does lean in your organization equate to pockets of visual improvement through 5-S and / or an occasional successful kaizen event?  
  • In your opinion, what is the purpose of lean transformation?  
    • Is it to apply tools to eliminate waste to make short-term improvements on key performance indicators?  
    • Or is it to learn how to become an adaptable and highly competitive learning organization for the long term?  
  • How you and your company answer these questions on the purpose of lean will set the course for how you want to approach the transformation.

Learn how to become a true lean leader capable of creating the future-state vision and effectively motivating and leading your organization to success!

Lean Leaders will:

  • Create a long-term vision and meet any challenges with both courage and creativity
  • Drive and expect continuous process improvement in all areas of the business
  • Establish a true management presence where the work is done and make fact-based decisions by "going and seeing" genchi genbutsu
  • Build organization-wide trust by taking personal responsibility and treating others with respect
  • Develop teamwork to maximize performance and foster individual growth

Lean Leadership training: integrating lean into your strategic plans through a SWOT analysis and application of lean thinking , creating Standard Work for Leaders, and using the A3 Report to drive improvement and build a learning organization.  



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