The Baseball Diamond Process

"You can’t win if you don’t score!"

1st base (a single or a walk) - The Hour x Hour Charts and methodology

  • Monitored hourly by the Supervisor
  • Tied to Sustainment Levels™
  • Using the A3 Report- must cause a sense of urgency and bias for action
  • Don’t initiate if you’re not willing to “cross the line”
  • Guaranteed to increase management presence on the shop floor – Genchi Genbutsu

2nd base (puts you in a scoring position) - The Start-up Meeting and managing transitions

  • Five to eight minute stand-up meeting held in the work area
  • Scripted, focused and one-way communication
  • Sets the tone for the shift / day

3rd base (rounding third and heading for home) - Effective measurements / metrics

  • Derived from leading indicators, not lagging measurements
  • Focus on only a vital few (Sustainment Levels™), not the trivial many
  • Are visual and maintained by the “Subject Matter Experts”
  • Influence an “upward to the right” positive trend - improvement
  • Trend management is critical, not the “issue of the day / hour”

Home plate (Scoring = Success) - Effective training and establishing accountability

  • Standard Work in place, operators trained and following it
  • Complete the implementation with the “Five Simple Questions”
  • Develop an audit plan to ensure Standard Work is kept current

Ensure your success to win more games than your competition by following this game plan. Become a true World Champion by incorporating this process into your CI program.

Where are you? Are you positioned to "outscore" your competition?




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