What is a Kaizen Event?

A week long, strategically focused, fast paced group effort used to rapidly drive your lean transformation

Why Kaizen Events?

Insanity is doing things the way you've always done them and expecting the results to be different. - Albert Einstein

Kaizen Events are effective because:
  • Diverse work teams with multiple perspectives lead to better solutions
  • Decisions made by process stakeholders create process owners
  • Time-bound events require decision and action, prevent analysis paralysis
  • Kaizen teams create change agents
  • Kaizen team members apply what they learn in other areas of the business

You will create a "groundswell" of improvement excitement through the use of kaizen events.   Employees leave the kaizen experience and immediately begin to critically evaluate other processes.   And, if given the encouragement, many will begin to practice kaizen - change for the better !

Engage the hearts and minds of the organization through kaizen!



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