The Five P's of a Change Champion

Here is an outline for a step by step process guaranteed to develop an internal resource that will be able to provide effective, results-driven changes:

Purpose:   Helping your leadership team create and then gain a real understanding of the true purpose for an organization-wide transformation initiative. 

Persistence:   Never becoming discouraged or giving up.   The true change champion will never be satisfied with status-quo.   This also includes bringing those reluctant folks along through your positive influence.

Patience:   Everyone needs to progress at their own pace of lean understanding. Knowing when fellow employees who may be on a steep lean learning curve will take extra time to assimilate before they really understand how it works.   This is a good opportunity for reflection - hansei .

Passion:   You love leading change - and it shows!   You know that you have the best job in the company.

Pride:   Your pride shows when you go that "extra mile" in doing your job better than anyone else.   And better next time then the time before.




  LCI Approach
It starts with the organization's top leaders understanding (and embracing) what it takes to lead in today's competitive, global marketplace.   Lean leaders create an inspiring vision for the future and then do the "right things" to make sure it's achieved.   This cannot be delegated!   learn more >>

There are a lot of good information sources accessible today.   For those interested in learning more through books or relevant and well-written articles we recommend the following.
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